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Three point turn videoDuring the course of your driving road test you will be required to demonstrate your ability to competently negotiate the Three Point Turn maneuver.

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Here area couple of things worth remembering

If you’re attempting a Three Point Turn during the road test, ensure you wait until all traffic has cleared and that you have allowed sufficient distance to other vehicles so you are able to complete the 3 point turn without hindering any other drivers.

Make sure you leave sufficient room so that you do not allow any of your wheels touch the curb.

While approaching the area you wish to conduct the Three Point Turn, check the rear view mirror before braking, look ahead to ensure that the side of the road is clear, hold off on the turn signal until passing any driveways or side streets, so other drivers will not mistake, or be confused by your intentions.

Activate the turn signal, slow down smoothly while checking the rear view mirror and the road ahead. Check the right blind spot and pull over along side the curb, stopping no more than one foot (30 centimeters) from the curb. When there is no curb, pull over as far off the travel portion of the road as possible. This establishes the starting point for the 3 point turn.

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At this Point, I would just like to make a Point :)

So what's the point, I hear you say? The term "three point turn" indicates the fact that it takes 3 individual maneuvers (points) to complete the three point turn. A good way to remove anxiety is to concentrate on one point at a time, this tends to simplify the process by separating each task and prevents you from getting too far ahead of yourself. Get the Point!

First point - Before moving look all around for traffic, pedestrians or any other obstacles and check the rear view mirrors, your left blind spot and engage the left turn signal. Move slowly turning hand over hand until just before touching the opposite curb. Now the car should be at right angles to the curb and the road.

Second Point - Check for traffic left and right, both blind spots, and reverse while turning right towards the opposite curb. Look over the right shoulder to see the curb, but when it disappears look over the left shoulder, stopping just before making contact.

Third point - Check for traffic in both directions and both blind spots before pulling ahead. Accelerate smoothly up to the speed of traffic to blend in and you have just negotiated the three point turn.

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