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Teen Driver Education - Training Guide

For anyone looking to get their Car Drivers License or Motorcycle License for the first time, and are enquiring about Teen Driver Education, you will soon learn that there is an enormous amount of Written Teen Driver education resources and information available and it can all be somewhat overwhelming, knowing where to start.

Pass your testThere are a host of driver handbooks, manuals and guides available from outlets like libraries, the Internet and Government agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Also, interactive online and downloadable videos, driving simulators and DVD packages, not to mention a multitude of Teen Driver Education programs and Driving Safety Courses.

Knowing where to start can be confusing, so a good place for any teen-driver to start, is to study your state government's drivers handbook publication and sign up for an Online Teen Driver Education or Driver Ed Course.

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So what is Driver ed anyway?

The next step for teenagers looking to get their drivers license is to complete a certified Teen Driver Education course or 'driver ed' as it is commonly known. It is a program or course offered by the majority of high schools and various independent agencies throughout the United States.

Some states may require ministry approved driver education to be conducted by nominated driving schools. In teen driver education courses the students learn how to safely operate a car with hands on experience and learn the traffic road rules and regulations.

Teen Driver Education courses are conducted in strictly controlled conditions and put students behind the wheel of a test car equipped with dual-controls that allow the instructor to brake the vehicle in an emergency.

Students will usually take driver ed to put into practice the knowledge they have gained from the department of motor vehicles (DMV) driver handbooks or equivalent government literature. This practical experience will greatly assist the student in preparing for their learner's permit or drivers license.

There has, however been a steady decline in the number of schools providing driver education courses in recent years and this is generally due to a reduction in education funding and sky-rocketing fuel prices.

Teen Driver Education courses are now being provided through accredited online education websites and offer an alternative to classroom courses, as some schools do not offer driver education anymore, due to the budget cuts and fuel prices.

Successful completion of a Teen Driver Education course is required by many state agencies before young drivers receive their driver’s license or learner's permit. As a bonus, some car insurance agencies also offer discounts to those students who have completed a teen driver education program.

Parental Education

One of the greatest influences on educating teenagers learning to drive is from parents or guardians. In most cases, their driving habits (good or bad) have been studied and scrutinized by their teen for many years and they also have the huge responsibility of teaching them initially how to drive on the road.

Patience, providing good communication, setting time aside to teach and moral support can all have positive results in the transition from learner driver to an accomplished motorist.

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