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Who is Rich Presta?

Rich Presta review - read his Amazing Story!

Rich Presta’s life has evolved from a time past when he was a victim of anxiety and panic disorders associated with driving a motor vehicle. His transformation and recovery from this debilitating captivity, Inspired him to share his amazing story of resurgence from sufferer to Conqueror.

The Panic PuzzleLiving with his wife and two children in Madison, Wisconsin, Rich Presta has carved out a reputation as an acclaimed self-improvement author.

With the collaboration of clinical psychologists he has developed the "Driving Fear Program" and the "Panic Puzzle"; two of the most highly regarded self-help programs obtainable and is used by both individuals and professionals all around the world.

His views and know-how in Overcoming Driving Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks has been featured in print media and on countless websites including MSNBC, The Discovery Health Channel, Psychology Today and Natural Health magazine just to name a few.

Rich Presta is renowned for his clear and natural “Plain English” writing style to decipher many of the complex approaches used when conquering fears, resulting in programs that are easy to understand. Being able to break down intricate psychological concepts into plain English, so that anyone could actually USE what they are learning is pivotal to the success of any program, so Rich had to come up with a first-rate concept for something this vital - his reputation commanded it.

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He has been helping people worldwide triumph over panic attacks associated with driving, extreme anxiety, and phobias with the information contained in these courses, and utterly changed the inward direction their lives were heading, forever.

The Personal Triumph of Rich Presta

Rich Presta was exactly like you, living in fear of his anxiety, avoiding driving and activities that required him to drive. Not being able to socialize like he wanted, feeling embarrassed and usually just sacrificed his life for his fear. He sweated and prayed the red light would change because of feeling so trapped and thought he would lose control. Taking back roads to where he needed to go, all because he was terrified of driving on the highway or over bridges. He used to avoid vacations and fun with his family and friends because of the fear too.

Just like you, he made up excuses, suffered embarrassment and felt humiliated because of his fear of driving. To quote Rich; “It was horrible to have my life invaded by fear and it cost me some very good years I'll never have back, believe me, I know”.

But not any more! He completely conquered the Fear of Driving once he understood how his fear worked and how he was able to change his response to it.

How did he do it?.... Honestly, it was tough, and what made it even more difficult and frustrating for him, is that there weren't any resources available he could turn to for help. There were a plethora of books and programs for common anxiety or panic attacks, but their techniques didn't work while driving or they were complete garbage.

Over the course of many years of investigation, analysis, trial, and painful error, he learned cutting edge psychological techniques and practices like cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and others that don't just relieve the fear of driving, but can eradicate it entirely.

And thus, the Driving Fear Program was ultimately fashioned by Rich Presta to share with others what he had learned, so no one else would needlessly suffer like he did for so many years, because there is just no reason for it when the solutions are available.

Here are three of Rich Presta's programs to beat your Fear, Anxiety or Panic Attacks. Overcome being Stressed or Anxious about sitting your Written Exam or taking the Driving Road Test?

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