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Parent Taught Driver Education

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Your number one priority with parent taught driver education is teaching your Teen to be a safe and responsible driver!

Teen drivers edMake sure young drivers test their ability in controlled conditions and that YOU are fully prepared to carry out effective Parent Taught Driver Education.

Set The Example!

There is certainly no scarcity of worry, apprehension and not to mention nervous tension, once your teen starts learning to drive.

It is worth considering that once your teen has been issued their learner’s permit, every time they venture out on the road is going to be the ultimate test for Young Drivers!

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It would also be extremely beneficial to take a refresher course for the road rules, traffic signs and even defensive driving. It is very easy to inform yourself by taking an online driver education course that you can complete from the comfort of your own home.

There are a plethora to choose from on the Net, so I will make it a little easier for you and suggest a few we have reviewed, throughout this article.

Sometimes it seems there is no limit to how far young drivers test your patience, or the lengths they will go to in wanting you to teach them to drive.

That is not such a bad thing, in view of the fact that you are your teenagers foremost Drivers Ed instructor, and in light of this, I’ve assembled a number of tips that you may find useful in training your children to Drive Safely.

Parent Taught Driver Education Tips

While you are still at home start thinking about where you're going to practice. A vacant parking lot is a terrific location to establish and build self-confidence, as you and your young driver test each other’s nerves.  Once you are ready, progress to safe, side roads with light or no traffic. 

Prior to starting the car, determine what skill(s) you want be practice. Map out the route that you will be driving and ensure you both are familiar with it. Adjust the passenger's side mirror so you can use it as YOUR rear-view mirror.

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Parent Taught Driver Education can be stressful so now would be the perfect time to implement those deep breathing and inner peace classes you’ve been taking. At this point, it is Very Important for you to remain calm, and you need to remind yourself to be patient, not to panic or raise your voice.

Once you're on the road, make certain you provide simple and clear directions well in advance, so that your young driver has sufficient time to recognize your instructions.

One of the key aspects of Parent Taught Driver Education is to keep repeating your instructions and talk to your teen and encourage them to voice what they are experiencing, seeing, anticipating, and so on.

Observe for signs of anxiety - both yours and your teen's. Praise your young driver A LOT, but don't distract your teen with excessive talking, particularly males, you know we can only do one thing at a time!! :)

If your teen happens to make a mistake, and lets face it, everyone does, calmly ask your young driver to pull over to the side of the road and have a chat about what just occurred.

Now that you have made it back home in one piece, all safe and sound, carry out a short de-brief to discuss how you both went, and let your teen give you some feedback on how well you performed as well.

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Allow your teen the first opportunity to point out any slip-up he/she made and give praise for things done well. Ask what can be improved (in both of your performances).

Finally, teaching your young driver to be a smart, safe and conscientious driver starts long before they ever get behind the wheel because they have studied your driving behavior for years.

Having discussion about what is essential and the skillfulness that’s required to be a Safe Driver, ought to begin way before your teen is all set to drive; and it should have the equivalent - if not higher - rank of significance, as any discussion about sex, drugs and alcohol do.

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