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Parallel Parking Tips and Tricks

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Undoubtedly, the most daunting maneuver you will encounter on the driving road test is Parallel Parking, and one of the most frequently asked question is, how do I reverse Parallel Park a car!

Parallel parkingAs you continue reading, we explain in detail how to parallel park your car and also provide other essential parallel parking tips, tricks and resources to assist you on how to successfully complete the reverse parallel park - first time, every time.

I am going to let you in on a few secrets to that once mastered, will allow you to complete this parking maneuver with ease. Firstly we are all affected by the things we see around us, whether they are positive or negative, they both have an impact on us. Most people would have encountered people having great difficulty trying to parallel park and assume it is very difficult, when in fact it is very easy to master.

The first thing to do is to watch how this maneuver is done correctly and you will notice that it is carried out in a very calm and smooth manner. The second thing is to learn a couple of key reference points for your vehicle that once known, will unlock the secret to successfully completing the parallel park effortlessly every time.

To watch how the parallel park is done correctly as well as all the other tasks required on your road test, here is a video package I strongly recommend that you get a copy of.

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Parallel Parking Tips

When approaching the space you intend to parallel park, check the rear view mirror for traffic behind; since this maneuver involves stopping in traffic, and reversing, make sure there is adequate room to do it safely, check the mirrors and blind spots for other vehicles, cyclists and even pedestrians that might create a danger.

Hold off on signaling until your vehicle has passed any side streets or drive ways, this technique ensures it will be clear to other drivers you are not turning off the road. After activating the turn signal, brake smoothly, checking the rear view mirror and the road ahead.

Stop along side the vehicle you plan to park behind, with a minimum of 24 inches (60 centimeters) of space between the vehicles; lining up the side view mirrors of both vehicles is an easy and effective way to get into the correct starting position.

Starting off in the wrong position will adversely affect the rest of the maneuver and may require you to pull out of the parking space and start all over again. So take your time, concentrate and be mindful of operating your car in a slow, smooth and calculated manner.

Parking risk managementCheck your mirrors and blind spots making sure that traffic is clear or that surrounding drivers are aware you intend to parallel park. Select reverse gear in the transmission, look over your right shoulder and steer towards the rear corner of the parking space.

When the vehicle is about half way into the space, steer to the left in order to ‘straighten-out’ and continue turning to bring the car in line with the curb ensuring the front of your car avoids contact with the parked car in front.

Make the final adjustment by pulling forward slightly to center the vehicle in the parking space and straighten the wheels. To secure the vehicle, engage the emergency brake and put the transmission into park and after all the excitement, don’t forget to lock your car!

To leave the parallel parking space, disengage the emergency brake and put the transmission into drive, signal to the left and check the side view mirror and blind spot before allowing the vehicle to move. Once it’s safe, pull smoothly into the flow of traffic, accelerating enough so that you are not a hindrance to traffic behind.

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