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It is a common fact that most people fail their DMV Motorcycle Written Test at their first attempt? This is mostly caused by a lack of knowledge and correct study technique.

Performance motorcycleWebsites that supply DMV Motorcycle Written Test courses are becoming progressively more popular, because you can practice as often as you like and they are very convenient, so you can practice when it best suits you.

With the aid of inventive technology that can randomly reproduce a Mock Exam, it helps to evaluate how well you would have gone during the real Written Exam.

I Strongly recommend the use of online educational websites that provide sample DMV Motorcycle Written Test packages for a small fee, that are specific to your states laws and traffic signs.

Here is one DMV Motorcycle Written Test program that I Highly recommend; Check out the Interactive program - Here

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These packages are great value as they present the randomly chosen DMV Motorcycle Written Test questions from a state provided pool for you to check your knowledge, that are adapted to your states laws and road signs.

They permit you to pick your answers by the multiple-choice format that is used by the relevant motor vehicle agency. You are scored for your selections and you can examine what answers you got right or wrong, which allows you to use it as a very valuable study guide.

Here is an example of a generic sample DMV Motorcycle Written Test that would be found in your states - driver handbook:

1. Up-shifting or down-shifting in a curve:

a. Should only be done if it can be done smoothly.
b. Is better than shifting before the curve.
c. Is the best way to control your speed.

2. To avoid confusing other drivers you should:

a. Increase the following distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you if you are being tailgated.
b. Make sure your turn signal turns off after you finish a turn.
c. Use your horn only in emergency situations.

3. _________ is a major factor in accidents caused by motorcycles.

a. Following too closely
b. Lane sharing
c. Not being seen by other drivers

4. If your motorcycle starts to wander back and forth while riding over metal bridge gratings you should:

a. Downshift immediately to a lower gear to improve traction.
b. Proceed in a zig-zag pattern until you cross the bridge.
c. Relax, stay on course and ride straight across.

5. If you must carry a load it should be:

a. Either over or in front of the rear axle.
b. Carried on the gas tank in front of the driver.
c. Piled up against a sissy bar or frame on the back of the seat.

6. Grabbing the front brake or jamming down on the rear brake:

a. Can cause the brakes to lock.
b. Is the best way to stop in an emergency.
c. Is the best way to slow down when the streets are wet.

7. What is the best way to stay out of trouble while riding a motorcycle?

a. To see it coming by looking well ahead.
b. By avoiding high density traffic areas.
c. By increasing the following distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you.

8. A motorcycle rider has an advantage over an automobile driver when passing parked vehicles because:

a. A motorcycle can accelerate faster than a car.
b. A motorcycle rider can avoid the problems of opening doors and people stepping out from between vehicles by driving in the left part of the lane.
c. Motorcycles have a shorter stopping distance

9. Brightly colored, reflective helmets and clothing:

a. Should only be worn while riding at night.
b. Can make motorcycle riders easier to see.
c. Do not increase a motorcycle rider's safety.

10. To execute a turn safely a motorcycle rider should always:

a. Lean the motorcycle in the direction of the curve or turn
b. Slow down in the turn.
c. Turn using the handle bars only.

ANSWERS: 1a, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5a, 6a, 7a, 8b, 9b, 10a


There are sites that sell sample test packages in bulk quantity, that on the surface look like good value, but be aware as they may not be specific to your state and will only confuse you when you ultimately sit your DMV Motorcycle Written Test exam.

Think you already know enough to pass the DMV Motorcycle Written Test but would like a quick test run, just in case. There are a couple of practice DMV Motorcycle Written Test packages that allow you to turn out realistic exams, provide you instantly with your score and keep a history of your progress, and what’s more, you can create as many tests as you want. Check it out Here.

Avoid confusion on your written testWhat I like best though is having the best of both worlds.

By providing the flexibility to study at your own leisure, and take a test when you feel confident, or even try it the other way around, just take the test and see where you went wrong.

Obtain the Advantage!

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