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Passing the Motorcycle Road Test

Motorcycle corneringThe Motorcycle Road Test is quite challenging and requires plenty of practice and training before you will be confident enough to have your every move assessed by the examiner.

Signing up for an accredited Motorcycle Driver Education class or Motorcycle Safety Course is the best and safest way to learn how to ride and ultimately pass your Motorcycle Road Test.

They will teach you all the appropriate skills and techniques required for you to safely maneuver your motorcycle and get you prepared before you venture into Motorcycle Road Test.

Discover precisely what your motorcycle road test examiner will be looking for to pass or fail you on the test. Get a copy of the road test Video and pass with flying colors.

Get the Motorcycle Road Test Training Video - Now!

There are many techniques you will have to master, not only to pass the motorcycle road test, but more importantly how to avoid many of the life threatening situations that may present themselves. It goes without saying that your chances of serious injury from a motorcycle accident are much greater than if you were involved in the same collision in a car.

Even after you have passed the motorcycle road test and have your full license it is a great idea to complete an approved Advanced Rider-Training Course.

You will need to learn early on, how to manage risk and master collision avoidance techniques. To read how one particular maneuver that I learnt, saved my life when I suddenly needed to avoid a high-speed collision; read more - motorcycle riding tips

Aside from hands on training such as a motorcycle safety course, there are very few guides that can prepare you sufficiently for what you will encounter on the motorcycle road test. However, there is one exception.

The highly accredited team at Get Ready To Pass is going to provide you with Online Motorcycle Training to help make you become a better rider and get you fully prepared for your M1 or M2 road test! Its simple, just watch the preview video to give you a feel for what you will be learning, and grab your copy today.

Rear crash avoidanceThere is nothing else like this out there, and no one could have put it together better. They go through all the steps that you will need to execute in a real video with a motorcycle rider and studio conversation among the hosts as they take you through each chapter.

Risk managementAfter downloading the training videos you can watch them as many times as you like, or copy them and watch your very own motorcycle training DVD on TV.

Tasks and actions covered:

  • Left and right turns
  • Highway drivingStop intersection
  • Through intersection
  • Expressway
  • Lane change
  • Roadside stop
  • Curve
  • Business section
  • Residential section
  • How to cross streetcar tracks
  • Risk management
  • Collision Avoidance

And much, much, more!

I suppose you wish you could just avoid the Motorcycle Road Test completely and not have to deal with the nerves, stress and anxiety heading up to the big day... Don't worry, you also get some great bonuses included that will teach you to be cool, calm and collected, and breeze through the day. You will be riding with much more confidence than your friends and be a safer rider too!
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Motorcycle road test video
This is ideal for anyone getting his or her motorcycle license, regardless what stage of graduated licensing you are at!

I strongly urge you to grab a copy today; it may save your life!


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