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Motorcycle License Test - Training Guide

Motorcycle ridingRiding a motorcycle is one of life's great pleasures, the rush of wind against your body, the vibration from the engine and a feeling of being at one with the road.

After passing the Motorcycle License Test you will soon appreciate that there is something primal and exhilarating about having all that power between your legs, a friend of mine affectionately refers to the motorcycle as a "crutch rocket"!

However, the risks involved and the skills required are significant, and believe me they will be tested, therefore it is in your best interest to pursue expert training methodology when practicing for your Motorcycle License Test.

It is not our intention to teach you how to ride a motorcycle, we will leave that up to the experts, it is important though to understand how to get your license, the steps involved and what things you will need to be on the look out for to help you pass first time.

Motorcycle License Test Video - How to Pass the Road Test!

Above is an excellent program that gives you a feel of what to expect while riding on the roads and what tasks will be required by you to pass the motorcycle road test, by taking you inside the actual on-road test with high definition video presentation and commentary.

Graduated Licensing - Motorcycle License Test

First of all I would like to explain a little bit about graduated licensing and how you can get yourself through this process. So what is 'graduated licensing', you ask?.... Well it’s a process where by many jurisdictions have introduced the responsibilities of driving to new motorcycle riders in a staged manner.

Graduated licensing for motorcycles varies considerably throughout the United States and Canada, so as an example, we will take a look at the requirements for California and Ontario.

There are three classes of motorcycle license in California:

  • Instruction Permit.
  • M1 License - any 2-wheel motorcycle and any vehicle in Class M2.
  • M2 License - you can only operate any motorized bicycle or moped or any bicycle with an attached motor.

Motorcycle Instruction Permit:
You must be at least 15 ½ years of age and complete both the driving education and driver training courses, pass the vision exam, pass a traffic laws and signs test and pass an additional law test of Highway drivingmotorcycle driving rules.


Show your California driver license, if you have one issued to you, pass the vision exam and pass a traffic laws and signs test for motorcycles.

  • Time, place and passenger restrictions apply.
  • Class M1 or M2 Motorcycle License;
  • You must be at least 16 years old and have held a motorcycle Instruction permit for 6 months.
  • Have completed Driver Education and Driver Training or have your California driver license.
  • Complete a "Motorcycle Rider-Training Course" given by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

All persons under 21 are required to complete the course.

Submit the CHP completion certificate (You will not be required to take the Motorcycle License Test at the DMV.)

Visit the Online Motorcycle DMV Sample Tests - Here

or select your State >> motorcycle DMV practice tests

In Ontario there are three license classes and various requirements to pass the Motorcycle License Test:

  • Class M1
  • Class M2 or Class M2 with condition 'L'
  • Class M or Class M with condition 'L'

The 'M' denotes the license category: - Motorcycles, including a limited-speed motorcycle (motor scooter) and a motor-assisted bicycle (moped).

Condition 'L': - Limited-speed motorcycles or moped.

M1 Motorcycle License:
You must be at least 16 years of age, pass a vision test, and pass a test of your knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs.

Time, speed, place and passenger restrictions apply

M2 License & M2 with condition 'L':
Pass the M1 road test or an approved motorcycle safety course and complete the minimum time period of 18-22 months before you attempt M2 road test.

Full M License - You must pass the M2 road test (M2 exit Ministry test).

M License with condition 'L' - You must pass the M2 road test (M2 exit Ministry test) and are restricted to only ride a motorcycle that has a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

Note: Class M2 and Class M licence holders may also drive Class G vehicles under the conditions that apply to a Class G1 licence holder.

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