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Motorcycle Driving Test - Courses

Taking an approved driver education class or motorcycle safety course is worth every dollar! They teach you the correct skills and techniques required to safely operate your motorcycle and prepare you for your Motorcycle Driving Test.

Learn to ride motorcycleCompleting an approved motorcycle training course may also provide you with additional benefits, for example, by taking an approved "motorcycle safety course" in Canada you may qualify for a reduction in the minimum M2 licensing period and possible insurance discounts.

Motorcycle Safety Courses:

There are many course available and are tailored to suit various levels of motorcycle riding skill and experience, from someone who has never ridden a motorcycle or passed the Motorcycle Driving Test, through to the advanced rider.

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Here are some of the types available:

Introductory course - ideal for anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle before or has very little experience. You are able to experience the pleasure of motorcycling in a safely controlled environment, and are usually about 3 - 4 hours.

Learn to ride - This course is suited for those who have never ridden a motorcycle or have limited riding experience. Covers very basic skills like starting the engine, engaging the transmission, balancing, correct braking, changing gears, etc. through to more important skills such as collision avoidance techniques and handling curves in preparation for the Motorcycle Driving Test. Duration 2-3 days

M2 exit - Your riding skills are evaluated and used as the starting point for advanced lessons which may include; roadside stops, lane changing, curves, intersections, highway riding, residential and business areas and will better equip you to identify and handle common hazards. Duration 1 day

Other courses:

  • Low power scooter and moped
  • Scooter - any size
  • Back to Basics - refresher course
  • Advanced rider training - Ride like a Pro

Before you tackle the Motorcycle Driving Test you will need to pass the written test. Most DMV, MTO or similar government agency will provide sample written tests for you to try, that have questions similar to what you would expect from your traffic law and signs test. The questions contained in the test are taken from the relevant state drivers handbook and these can be collected from your local government branch, or a .pdf download from their website.

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Arguably the best way to study and reduce the stress of the motorcycle written exam is to go online and make the most of the practice motorcycle tests provided by various websites and education programs.

The study and review process using state-specific questions and instant scoring system, you’ll benefit significantly from the practice motorcycle tests in ways you would not have imagined. You’ll discover what you need help with, which questions you need to focus on, and which answers you get right every time.

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