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Secrets on How to Parallel Park a Car

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watch parallel parkingIf you’re attempting a Parallel Park in traffic, there is going to be a lot of pressure on you to get it done quickly..... so my advice on how to parallel park a car is to do it right the first time, concentrate on the task, ignore everything else and you will be fine.

How to Parallel Park a Car

When reversing into a parallel parking space between two cars pay particular attention to the car in the parking space behind you. At the same time as you are steering towards the rear corner of the parking space, look in the drivers side mirror and when you notice the right hand headlight (the headlight closest to the curb) of the car behind you come into view, that is the correct position to ‘straighten-out’.

It is then just a matter of watching the front of your car to avoid contact with the parked car in front and turn the steering wheel hard left as it clears. Using this simple guide to locate the ‘straighten-out’ position will greatly improve your ability to Parallel Park first time! Go-on…Give it a Go!

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Parallel Park Practice Tips

If you are really nervous about how to parallel park a car, then I suggest finding an area to practice like a vacant parking lot, quiet side road etc; and stack up some cardboard boxes to impersonate the parked cars. Start off with them far enough apart for you to reverse your car in comfortably, then as you gain more confidence; move the boxes closer together until they match a regular parking space.

If there are two parking spaces available, a simple tip how to parallel park is to drive into the first space and align your front wheel as close to the curb as possible and drive as far forward as possible, turn your wheel to the right and reverse to center your car in the space.

Here are some other general tips on how to park a car:

When parking at a shopping center, mall etc, it is always a good idea to avoid backing when ever you can, so if there are two spots available to you, just pull through the first one and park in the next one so when it does come time to leave you can pull straight out of the spot without having to back up.

It’s also a good idea to park a little further away from everyone else as you will get a little more exercise and your vehicle will be in better shape.

If the spot you intend to park in is next to a curb, position your car as close to the curb as possible, this will provide extra room between your car and the one next to you. Or you could pull the "Porsche parking maneuver" where you position your car diagonally across two parking spaces, that’s why we all love Porsche drivers so much...Isn’t that right!!!

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