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Go To Traffic School Review

Reviewer: Dave Treadstone
Rating: Five star rating
Website Reviewed: Go To Traffic

Are you looking for a low cost Traffic Safety Course that can dismiss traffic tickets, lower insurance premiums, or earn safe driver points?

dismiss your traffic ticket hereWell, Go To Traffic School started offering online Traffic Safety Courses in California in 2000, and since then have extended their courses to include many other courts and states in the U.S.

In fact, while researching the Go To Traffic School review I soon discovered that over 1 million happy customers have successfully finished a Go To Traffic School course, making them among the most accepted and broadly used means of Insurance reduction and Ticket Dismissal in the United States and they have also been members of the Better Business Bureau since 2005.

The Go To Traffic School, online traffic school program is best suited for those who have received a Traffic Citation and would like to complete an online course to dismiss the ticket so it does not appear on their Driving Record, or those who need to take a driver safety course for their employment. As an added bonus you may also be able save money by lowering your insurance premiums.

Check out why the Go To Traffic School review is rated 4 star

Lower your Insurance Premiums

Where you aware that by completing an Online Defensive Driving or Driver Safety Course you can earn discounts on your vehicle insurance? Many insurance agencies offer as much as a 10% discount on your premiums for successfully completing a Traffic Safety Course.

The first thing I noticed with the Go To Traffic School review is that the website itself is very colorful with flash animation and quite easy and simple to navigate, although I think it is a bit too focused on the teen market, but none the less, it is a bit of fun.

The Go To Traffic School tracking system will save your place so you can start and stop the course whenever you like. The program is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning you can set a study schedule that is flexible to suit your lifestyle!

Log on and off whenever you like and their system will follow your progress and start-up wherever you last logged off. After passing the course, 'Go To Traffic School' review the result; inform you by email and send a certificate of achievement to you or the court, depending upon your court’s requirements.

The Go To Traffic School courses are packed with instructional videos, animations, interesting facts and colorful illustrations. Plus, the course can be read aloud to you by choosing the Read-Along feature during the registration process. After completing the last chapter, you will take the final exam either online or at a testing center (during the registration process, after you have selected your state and court, your final test requirements will be provided).

Please note: some courts require that you verify your identification in-person prior to taking the final exam.

One of the features provided by Go To Traffic School that I really like, is that they cater for people who may not have a computer. They seem to understand that not everybody has full access to the Internet, which is why they provide a number of different formats.

Go To Traffic School offers more course formats than any other traffic safety provider in the industry. Their state and court-approved courses are presented via the Internet, DVD, Streaming Video and Workbook formats. Read below for a description of each course format.

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Go To Traffic School review of Formats

Contains a booklet and DVD, with multiple-choice quizzes and a final exam; then just mail, fax or email your exam answers to 'Go To Traffic School' for grading, alternatively login onto their website using the password created at registration and complete the final exam online.

Streaming Video
This Streaming Video course unites the best of both worlds; this is the above video course, broadcast over the Internet. Taking it from any computer with access to the Internet you can Log on and off as often as you like and their system will follow your progress and restart where you last finished in the course.

The workbook is mailed to you and includes an exam answer sheet. Once you feel confident, fill in the answer sheet and mail, fax or email it to Go To Traffic School, or you can take the final exam online as mentioned above.

After registration and logging in to their website you can download the E-Workbook on to your computer, then just take the quizzes and final exam online, or complete the answer sheet and send by mail, fax or email to them for grading.

Note: Upon passing the course, you will be notified by email and a certificate of completion sent to you or (depending upon your court’s requirements) sent directly to the court which is available in select areas.

To summarize the Go to Traffic School review, their site provides courses in a variety of formats; is easy to navigate and a very affordable option to dismiss your traffic ticket and lower your insurance premiums. Visit their site >>

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