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GetDefensive com Review - Texas

Reviewer: Dave Treadstone
Rating: Five star rating
Website Reviewed: GetDefensive com

Have you received a Traffic Ticket in the state of Texas and would you like to remove the point from your Driver Record?

Then continue to read my GetDefensive com review to see just how easy and affordable it can be.

Dismiss your traffic ticketThe Defensive Driving Course offered by GetDefensive com is approved by the Texas Education Agency, subsequently if your Court approves Driving Safety School, you can officially take the Get Defensive com course!

With this GetDefensive com review, I discovered that it is quite affordable and a very handy way to dismiss your traffic ticket or reduce your vehicle insurance premiums in Texas. It’s not necessary to attend any classes and you can complete the entire course anywhere with Internet access, so it's easy to study at your own pace.

They have been members of the Better Business Bureau since 2000 with an excellent "A-" approval rating, so you can be assured that if you do have a problem, they will promptly assist you; there reputation demands it!

GetDefensive com review their Courses and Site Content - Here

To start, all you need to do is go through the simple registration process. If your taking the Insurance rates reduction course, you will be required to provide some personal information, including your mailing address, driver's license number, and license plate number, select a delivery option for your Certificate of Completion and a payment method when you register for the course.

If you’re taking Traffic Ticket Dismissal, you will also need to supply what county and court issued the ticket, which is located on the return address on the ticket you received in the mail, and your defensive driving school due date.

GetDefensive com review of courses

  • Ticket Dismissal 6-hour defensive driving course
  • Insurance discount 6-hour defensive driving course
  • Track driver record

Ticket Dismissal - Every so often throughout the course you will be asked some quiz questions. They are designed to test your knowledge of the main points of each section and get you ready for the final exam.

Unfortunately, yes a final exam will be given after you have completed all the chapters. It includes 20 multiple-choice questions relevant to the course content. To pass, you must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly — 14 questions correct out of 20.

Upon completion of the final exam, GetDefensive com review the result and will notify you whether you have passed or not. If you fail the first time, you can review the course material again and retake the exam. You only get three chances to pass though.

Insurance Discount - At this very moment, there is a good chance you’re paying too much for your car insurance. Since many companies allocate a different point structure they use to calculate your premiums. You may get a healthier rate from another vehicle insurance company.

Asking your insurance provider about a discount for completing the GetDefensive com Driving Course is definitely worth the call. Not all companies give discounts, although quite a number will offer a 10% discount on your premium for 3 years. Contact your insurance agent to learn about their Defensive Driving discounts.

Track Driver Record - Do you realize that you need to present a copy of your Driver Record to the court with your Defensive Driving Course Certificate of Completion and that getting a copy of your Driver Record from the Department of Public Safety, can take weeks?

This is where Get Defensive com is really handy because if you send them your signed DR-1 form, paid in full, they can get it to you in a matter of days! You can request a copy of your Driver Record at any time during the course by clicking on the "Order a Copy of Your Driver Record" button on the Member Services page.

To summarize the GetDefensive com review, their site provides an easy and affordable option to dismiss your Traffic Ticket quickly and lower your insurance premiums, specific to the state of Texas.
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