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Reviewer:  Dave Treadstone
User rating: five star rating
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With this Get Ready to Pass review I take a look at how they have combined a team of experts and put together what I believe to be the most comprehensive Driving Road Test education program - on the Net!

It was the first interactive handbook of its kind that incorporated Video Footage from the actual DMV Road Test and the G1 and G2 Driving Test.

Get ready to pass videoEven though I have been licensed to drive cars, motorcycles, heavy articulated trucks and agricultural machinery on the roads for over twenty-five years, I must confess, while conducting the Get Ready to Pass review of their videos I managed to learn some very important tips and advice.

Particularly the risk management scenarios and techniques on approaching intersections, for example; the “S-approach” places you in a position whereby you have the best line of sight to the approaching vehicles, whilst reducing the risk of a head on collision if you are accidentally hit from the rear. It is the small pieces of advice like this, which could ultimately save your life!

Get Ready to Pass uses the services of Jim Kenzie an automotive journalist for over 20 years to host the videos. Combined with the help of a few guests, Jim walks you through precisely what the Road Test will cover with studio discussion and narrated video presentations. The footage is high quality and the narration easy to understand.

Watch the Free Preview Video Here, to get a feel for it and make up your own mind about the Get Ready to Pass review

Attempting your G2 or M2 examination through the graduated licensing program is stressful and can be difficult if you haven’t studied sufficient or maybe you don’t have much experience on the road yet. The program is designed to instruct you specifically on the best methods while driving and the correct and the most proficient way to do all the difficult things that drivers come across daily.

Get Ready to Pass review of Video Content

This program includes all the tasks you will be graded on!

Tasks and Actions with Real footage of:

  • Left and Right Turns
  • Stop Intersection
  • Through Intersection
  • Offset Left Turn – S Approach
  • Expressway
  • Lane Change
  • Roadside Stop
  • Curve
  • Business Section
  • Residential Section
  • Parallel Park
  • Three-Point Turn
  • Parking Lots
  • Limit Lines
  • High Risk Scenarios
  • Streetcar Tracks
  • Reading Other Drivers
  • Pass Your Road Test Secrets

So much more….

Whether you’re attempting the road test for the first time, recently got your G1, or have been driving for many years, this Video Course is going to be the best investment to give you confidence that you are ready for the roads, and the knowledge to pass your driving road test with coolness! It's actually not too hard if you have the right team instructing and training you.

See why the Get Ready to Pass review is rated 5 star!

In fact, I have not come across any other video like this out there that provides Actual Footage from inside the Driving Road Test. They cover all the tasks that you will need to perform and walk you through each chapter in a real video, with a car driver and motorcycle rider as well, since you get access to both videos.

Main Features:

  • Real Footage for both Car & Motorcycle Driving
  • Understanding of All Tasks you will be graded on
  • Professional Instructors, hosted by an auto journalist
  • Designed to get you Ready for your Road Test
  • Watch on PC or burn on DVD and watch on your TV
  • Learn Emergency Exorcizes
  • Get Both Videos to study Better & Pass Easier
  • No more memorizing a handbook
  • Watch first hand - step by step how to pass
  • 100% money back guarantee – No Question Asked!

I know you wish you could escape the road test altogether and not have to cope with the worry, nervous tension and apprehension you'll go through as the day of your test approaches... Don't worry, included are some great bonus packages that will instruct you how to be calm, composed and confident to breeze through the road test.

Get Ready to Pass review of Bonus Material:
Over 40 Self Improvement eBooks: A very compelling tool enabling you to be confident and not stressed out. Learn how to overcome fear, nervousness and anxiety. After reading this amazing collection you will be enhanced, both on and off the road!

Cool Audio MP3's! An audio collection used by media producers containing tracks to relax you or get your adrenaline pumping! Play it in your car just before your road test and you’ll be stress-free and full of self-belief!

Get Ready to Pass also includes Access to their Traffic Sign Study Guide;

  • Plus, 2 Quizzes to Test your Knowledge and Memory
  • Plus, 2 Quizzes to Study for your Road Test

Before you know it, you will be driving more confidently than your friends and driving much safer too! Not to mention bragging rights that passing the road test wasn't very hard after all.

This is perfect for anyone that is getting his or her Driver's License, no matter what stage of graduated licensing you are at! Just watch the videos from Get Ready to Pass review the content as many times as you like until you are fully prepared to take the test.

Read More Info & Prepare For Your Road Test

Get Ready to Pass review rating: 5 star rating

If you found this get ready to pass review interesting, then take a behind the scenes look at the DMV road test, G1 Drivers Test and G2 Driving Test; Find visual help and insider secrets to help you in passing your Driving Road Test.

Behind the road testsThe highly accredited team at Get Ready To Pass will make you an improved Driver and make you Totally Prepared for your Road Test! Simply watch the Preview Video to give you a sense of what you will be learning, and Grab Your Copy Today! >>

See what all the fuss is about, and why the Get Ready to Pass review rated this video training guide as 4.5 star.

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