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G1 Drivers Test and G2 Driving Test

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Pass the G1 or G2 road test videoDriving Instruction

When it comes to passing the G1 Drivers Test and G2 Driving Test, expert tuition and training, together with the confidence and experience to handle your vehicle in a safe manner, is mandatory!

Specialized guidance and education is offered from accredited driving schools who will teach you how to operate your vehicle correctly and provide in-car lessons on various aspects, that your testing officer may require for you to pass your G1 Drivers Test or G2 Driving Test.

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They may also provide a practice-driving test that simulates the testing requirements that may be encountered on the day.

Three-point turns and parallel parking are rather difficult for most, so to reduce the stress prior to your G2 Driving Test or G1 Drivers Test, practice every chance you get until it becomes second nature to you.

Tasks and Tips

Before attending the G1 Drivers Test or G2 Driving Test, make sure your car is roadworthy prior to leaving home and make certain that the brake lights and signals are working.

Endeavor to operate your vehicle in a cool and controlled manner during the G1 Drivers Test or G2 Driving Test; Just remember that you have previously encountered all the tasks that you will be tested on throughout your training and time you have spent on the road to date.

OK - The Day you have been anticipating for months has finally arrived, your heart is pounding, sweat is running down your forehead, you’re hands are trembling and you’re positive your testing officer can sense the fear!

This is not a practice G1 Drivers Test or G2 Driving Test anymore, this is the real thing! Undoubtedly it’s nerve-wracking, but if you’ve had sufficient practice and studied carefully, just settle down, take a few deep breaths, you’ve already done all the hard work preparing, so you can do this!

Remember to use your mirrors frequently, be attentive to the traffic conditions, obey all the traffic signs and use your signals; remain under the speed limit and pay attention to your examiner's directions.

The next thing you will know, your test will be finished and you will be heading into the office to pick up your driver’s license...... Congratulations!

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