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Get Over My Fear of Driving a Car

End your fear of driving - click hereI know that Right NOW that due to your fear of driving, your feeling scared, frustrated and maybe even a little depressed about the trouble you are having with your anxiety, constantly asking yourself how do I get over my Fear of Driving a car.

You may have failed your Driving Road Test or even too scared to attempt it because nerves get the better of you, or you have a Panic Attack.

Maybe you think it is just something you will learn to live with or avoid completely and that it can’t be helped; I know its easy to feel alone and different when you have a fear about something so many other people seem to do so easily.

Well I’m here to tell you that it Just isn’t True; it’s not hopeless, your anxiety and fear of driving a car can be overcome and you’re not even close to being alone.

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Your fear of driving is what's called a "conditioned" response.

Each time you drive, or maybe even just consider driving, your subconscious mind recalls what occurred last time you went driving and how you reacted. It's effortless for it to remember because of the strong emotional impression it left in your mind.

Your subconscious mistakenly acquaints that fear response with driving, makes the assumption that it must be perilous and a danger, and initiates the “flight or flight” reaction. This learning is accomplished by the creation of 'neural pathways" in the brain.

Whenever you drive and experience the anxiety and fear of driving a car, you reinforce your brain's false trust and produce MORE neural pathways, which results in a rapid and more intense phobia reaction. You actually "condition" yourself to be fearful!

This is how we develop and learn so many things, like riding a skateboard. At first, you really have to concentrate and pay close attention to what you are doing so you don’t land on your butt, and it's clumsy as your brain forms the neural pathways for the correct balance and co-ordination required to skate.

Before you realize, though, as those neural pathways reproduce and grow stronger, your skating and making numerous slight adjustments without consciously thinking about it. The whole process becomes automatic, so now when you go for a skate you don't really have to think about it, you just do it and the amazing thing is, your subconscious knows how.

In a related way, the more neural pathways that are created in your brain associated with the Fear of Driving, create an anxiety response that is more on "auto pilot" and further imbedded in your subconscious, until there comes a point when that response happens independent of you even consciously thinking about it.

In view of the fact that this "Brain Training" occurs subconsciously, the answer to conquering your question, how to get over my Fear of Driving a car, is to obliterate the old restraining neural pathways of anxiety and substitute them with new neural pathways of Calm and Confidence.

This all happens on a subconscious level, and is the reason why most programs and therapies will not succeed because they endeavor to resolve a subconscious problem on a conscious level and it just Does Not Work!

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