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Take a driving safety courseWhether you already have a driver's license, motorcycle license or are just starting to collect information about graduated licensing, one of the best things you can do, is to complete an accredited Driving Safety Course.

The number one thing to keep uppermost in your mind is Driver Safety and not only your own safety, but also anyone or anything that is within the vicinity of your vehicle. This may include passengers, other road vehicles, pedestrians, animals, cyclists, personal property etc. The key to safe driving revolves around your perception and awareness of your surroundings, and the ability to adjust your driving to suit the conditions.

You will find various driver safety tips, articles and driver safety information throughout this website and content is being added on a regular basis. I have also conducted various product and online Driving Safety Course reviews to unearth the best of the best available.

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Crash Statistics Information:

During 2007, in the United States alone, there were 55,926 vehicles involved in 37,248 fatal motor vehicle crashes resulting in 41,059 fatalities, of this number, 5338 were aged between 16 - 20 years of age.

You should also bear in mind that crashes causing serious and life threatening and any other non-fatal injury for that matter are not included in these figures.

Some more frightening statistics to consider;

  • 32% of all fatal crashes involved alcohol-impaired driving.
  • 33,265 crashes occurred during normal weather conditions and of those 16,383 crashes occurred during daylight hours.
  • 5,154 motorcyclists were killed.
  • 21,433 crashes occurred on two lane, non-divided roads and 6,095 crashes occurred on two lane divided roads.
  • Out of the 55,926 vehicles involved, 32,790 were going straight, 7,271 were negotiating a curve and 2,819 were turning left.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - FARS Encyclopedia

A Driving Safety Course will help you understand risk management, and as you can see from this data, a vast majority of fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred during good driving conditions, normal weather, daylight hours, driving in a straight line on a two lane road.

Although alcohol was a factor in nearly one third of crashes, it is worth considering that you are at your greatest risk of having an accident when you least expect it.

Driving Safety Course Tip

Collision prevention:
(Left turn); when entering an intersection keep your wheels straight so that in the event you are hit by another car from the rear you can steer straight ahead, if your wheels are turned you will be shunted into oncoming traffic... ouch!!

(Stationary in traffic) Allow enough room between you and the car in front at an intersection so you can drive around in an emergency i.e. the car behind you will not brake in time; by accelerating around the car in front, you could avoid a rear end collision.

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