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New  York trafficA driver's license is one of the biggest status symbols among high school students and Driving for Teens plays a big part in social acceptance and the beginning of ones independence.

However, getting a license is an important matter and should not be taken lightly.

Driving for Teens is quite often an object of freedom and invincibility, but there are great risks when combining inexperienced teens and driving automobiles. It is commonly reported that Teens and their Driving behavior is a leading cause of teenage death!

Below is some general information for both parents and teens, that can help them to get their drivers license and to learn safe driving behavior with less stress.

Be prepared and not scared or overconfident, as the attitude with Driving for Teens is the main focus and target in educating your teen to respect themselves and others that they share the road with.

Dealing with the way they respond to circumstances and implementing them into they’re driving techniques will provide a basis for them to relax and make better decisions.

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Teens lack the psychological and physiological maturity to safely manage risk and hazardous driving conditions and parents or guardians are there to set that good example and role model of Driving for Teens.

In the United States alone, more than 5,000 teenagers die in car accidents every year and it’s the No. 1 killer of our youth, for that reason, parents can play an especially important role.

By signing up with a driving school, both the parents and teenagers can work together and implement strategies that can be used to create a safer driver with safer driving habits.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among 16-19 year olds. The economic impact of police-reported fatal and non-fatal car crashes involving teens and driving in 2002 was $40.8 billion.

Leading Causes of Crashes

  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Not wearing a safety belt
  • High-risk situations (e.g., inclement weather, night driving)
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Driver inexperience

Distractions in the car - such as cell phones, music, and passengers, also contribute significantly to car crashes relating to Driving for Teens. Per mile driven, the crash rate for teenagers driving at night with passengers is 4 to 5 times more likely than teens that drive alone during the day. Seat belts are less likely to be worn among teenagers than in adults.

Safe Driving for Teens

  • Drive only when I am alcohol and drug free.
  • Be a passenger only with drivers who are alcohol and drug free.
  • Drive with both hands on the wheel.
  • Never eat, drink, or use a cell phone while I drive.
  • Call my parents for a ride home if I am impaired in any way that interferes with my ability to drive safely.

Teenage drivers do not always cause accidents, although they may happen to be the victim of someone else’s unsafe driving. Therefore being alert and aware of the chance that an unexpected circumstance may happen is a very important part about driving safely.

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