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Teen I Drive SafelyDid You Know, there has been a major shift in recent years away from the classroom taught Driver Ed Course, to the Interactive Courses provided online, due to cost cutting and budget restraints throughout the various education departments?

Online courses are very flexible as you are able to adapt your own study timetable that fits perfectly with your lifestyle, and the training systems have been extensively developed to provide an interesting and engaging learning process.

Online Teachers Agree; recent Studies have shown that online driver education programs (driver ed course) really do work! In fact, students these days are so accustomed to using the Internet that more schools and universities are consistently implementing computers as their teaching tools. And here are a few reasons why:

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Online Driver Ed course vs. Classroom Education


  • Repeated course involvement
  • Positive and familiar study environment
  • Self-pace allows you to remember more
  • Choice to study when you're prepared
  • Visually thought-provoking
  • Regularly updated laws


  • Unreceptive course materials
  • Further distraction, with a reduction of learning
  • Lengthy study periods / reduced enthusiasm
  • Disregards personal learning differences
  • Basic text learning process
  • Laws updated less often

According to Recent Studies:
Technical and Vocational School Guide- "Online learning is actually a more efficient and effective way for students to learn. It facilities easy information transfer; while classroom learning encourages passive learning and ignores individual learning differences."

Sloan Consortium – "a majority of academic leaders believe an online instruction is equal to or superior to face-to-face instruction."

Generally an online Driver Ed Course will go faster than you would think, by means of combining cool animations with short, easy-to-read text; you’ll be amazed how involved you will be in your studies.  And for the reason that you’re more engrossed, the time actually will zoom by getting you all the way through the course in no time at all – and with no hassle.

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Other advantages: By taking a Ministry-approved Beginner Driver Ed Course in Ontario, Canada for example, you may qualify for a four month reduction in the 12 month minimum G1 licensing period and also reduce your insurance premiums.

Look for driving schools that offer an "MTO or ministry-approved beginner driver ed course". Beginner driving schools in Ontario are regulated by the MTO and selecting a driving instruction school is a very personal choice; so choose wisely!

A motorcycle driver ed course, or 'safety courses' as they are more commonly known, are widely available and tailored to suit various levels of motorcycle riding skill and experience. Some of the types available include:

Introductory course - ideal for anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle before or has very little experience. You are able to experience the pleasure of motorcycling in a safely controlled environment and typically have duration of about 3 - 4 hours.

Learn to ride - This driver ed course is suited for those who have never ridden a motorcycle or have limited riding experience. Covers very basic skills like starting the engine, balancing, braking, changing gears, etc. through to more important skills such as collision avoidance techniques and handling curves and are conducted over 2-3 days.  

M2 exit - Your riding skills are evaluated and used as the starting point for advanced lessons which may include; roadside stops, lane changing, curves, intersections, highway riding, residential and business areas and will better equip you to identify and handle common hazards. Generally 1 day to complete.

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