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Pass your written test hereWere you aware that statistically most people fail their DMV Written Test at thier first attempt because of insufficient training and knowledge?

Your state motor vehicle agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) produce Driver handbooks that contain all the applicable road rules and signs and generally provide a Sample Drivers Written Test for you to practice.

Here is a Sample of the DMV Written Test questions:

1. When you drive through a construction zone, you should:

a. Slow down to watch the workers
b. Decrease your following distance
c. Pass the construction zone carefully and not “rubberneck”

2. To make a right turn at the corner, you:

a. May not enter the bicycle lane
b. Should only merge into the bicycle lane if you stop before turning
c. Must merge into the bicycle lane before turning

3. If a traffic signal light is not working, you must:

a. Stop, then proceed when safe
b. Stop before entering the intersection and let all other traffic go first
c. Slow down or stop, only if necessary

4. A pedestrian is crossing your lane but there is no crosswalk. You should:

a. Make sure the pedestrian sees you, but continue driving
b. Carefully drive around the pedestrian
c. Stop and let the pedestrian cross the street

ANSWERS: 1c, 2c, 3a, 4c. Source: Californian Driver Handbook 2008

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Websites that supply a sample drivers written test program, are becoming increasingly more popular because they are very convenient; you can practice as often as you like and when it best suits you. They have the technology that can simulate a mock exam randomly, to assess how well you would have gone during the real DMV Written Test.

I Strongly recommend the use of online educational websites that provide sample drivers written test packages for a small fee that are specific to your states laws and traffic signs.

These packages are great value as they provide randomly selected DMV written tests from a state provided pool of questions for you to test your knowledge on, that are tailored to your states laws and road signs.

They allow you to select your answers by the multiple-choice format that is used by the relevant motor vehicle agency. You are given a score for your selections and you can review what answers you got right or wrong, which allows you to use it as a very effective study guide.

There are sites that sell drivers written test packages with a large quantity of sample tests, but be aware as they may NOT be specific to your state and therefore will only confuse you when you ultimately sit your DMV Written Test - Exam.

You might think you already know enough to pass the drivers written test, but would like a quick test run, just in case.

Well, there are a couple of practice DMV written test packages that allow you to produce realistic exams to test your knowledge, and then provide you with your score; some also keep a history of your progress and what’s more, you can generate as many tests as you require. Here is a program I recommend:

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What I like best though is that you have the "best of both worlds" providing the flexibility to study at your own leisure and take the test when you feel confidant, or even try it the other way around, just take the test and see where you went wrong.

With unique study and examination methods, questions that are state-specific, and their instant grading system, you'll benefit from the drivers written test program in ways you thought were not possible.

You'll know precisely what you need assistance with, what questions you need to concentrate on, and which answers you get right each time.

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