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dont be distractedSo if you're looking for a Defensive Driving Course Online; that's the main reason you need to find the Best course available.

So, what is defensive driving anyway?.... You could be forgiven for thinking it's got something to do with joining the military, strapping yourself inside an army tank and charging full throttle toward the enemy's frontline!

Actually, Defensive Driving would have you avoid the conflict altogether and head in the opposite direction! It is a technique used to reduce the risks involved with driving your car or motorcycle by anticipating and identifying potential hazards before they happen and adjusting your driving to suit those circumstances.

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By gathering good Defensive Driving information and undergoing professional defensive driving help and training, you can help to reduce your chances of a serious or fatal collision. It will certainly give you a better chance of passing your Driving Road Test and may also help to reduce your vehicle insurance premiums.

Defensive Driving is something that requires practice, patience and good concentration, so by using an accredited Defensive Driving Course Online and applying it to your driving habits, it may save your life!

If you are unfortunate enough to have received a Traffic Ticket or moving violation and have been ordered by a court to attend Defensive Driving or a driving safety course, many courts throughout the US will now accept completion of an accredited defensive driving course online to dismiss your ticket and protect your driving record. Read more go to >> traffic school ticket

I have put together a couple of general Defensive Driving Tips and information to help you drive more safely and also cover some of the tasks your testing officer would be looking for during the driving road test.

Forward observation: When driving, look 10 - 15 seconds down the road to anticipate any trouble, particularly in traffic conditions. This will give you time to adjust your driving by changing lanes, slowing down or even stopping.

Reaction time: Maintain a 2 - 3 second gap between your car and the one in front and increase the gap as your speed rises.

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Rear view awareness: Scan your rear view mirrors every 5 - 10 seconds and be aware of cars that are sitting to close to you, move into another lane or increase the distance between if you can accelerate. If a car is too close and you have to brake suddenly their reaction time is less and they may crash into the rear of your car.

Peripheral awareness: Be aware of what is happening on both sides of the road. Looking under parked cars for feet is a good tip to anticipate a pedestrian, child or even a dog running out in front of you. Also glance down any side streets as you approach to make sure other vehicles have seen you and are going to stop and give way (try and make eye contact). Watch for cars pulling out of parking spots or doors opening on parked cars.

Increase forward vision: Let's say a truck, bus or a large vehicle is blocking your view further up the road; change lanes if possible or slow down to increase the distance between you which gives you a greater area of vision.

To find out more about taking a Defensive Driving Course Online and other tips read page 2 of this article - driving safety course

Get ready to pass videoTo discover more about Defensive Driving and all the tasks required on your Driving Road Test, then take a 'behind the scenes' look at the Interactive Video series for cars and motorcycles.

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