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Hello everyone and welcome to Driving Test ultimate guide to passing your Drivers License Test for both CARS and MOTORCYCLES.

I’ve set up this website as a helper for anyone looking to complete the driver ed course, study for the DMV written test and pass their final Drivers License Test or motorcycle license test.

Even if have your license, you might need to attend defensive driving or find out how to dismiss a traffic ticket online to maintain your driving record, or you would just like some information on how to complete an online driver improvement course, saving money on your vehicle insurance premiums. Everyone Loves a discount! :)

Throughout this site you will find numerous driving tips, techniques and study guidance, all intended to help You, pass your Drivers License Test - first time! From overcoming the fear of driving or the anxiety of sitting for your test, to advanced driving techniques that could save your life.

More importantly though, learn how to drive or ride calmly, safe and more confident so you get the most out of your driving and be prepared when dangerous conditions or situations occur.

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"Did you know that a majority of students fail their first Driving Test and the main reason is due to a lack of studying and knowledge?

For these reasons it is essential that you find the right online course and professional instruction....

First of all, here's an overview of the various Drivers License Test courses that are available online and as you will soon discover, many of the regions throughout the United States have varying degrees of graduated licensing law. So trying to find the right internet course that is suitable and approved for your state, can be difficult!

Teen Driver Education
Also known as the driver ed, this course is designed to allow teenagers sufficient time to gain an adequate amount of knowledge and experience under supervised conditions, to operate a motorcar competently and safely.

Many DMV testing centers will now accept the completion of the Drivers Ed Practice Test Online, and there are steadily more and more states coming on board and granting their approval.

Having completed your Drivers Ed Online Course you can then book your behind the wheel course and apply for your learners license test at the DMV or MTO.

Overcoming Driving Fear
Discover the original program for conquering the fear of driving as well as reducing your nerves when taking the driving test.
Major Update - March 2010: Two new resources added including 19 videos and the Print and CD version is now available:
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DMV Written Test
Here you will be required to pass a written traffic law, road signs test and pass a vision test and once they are completed you will be issued with your Learners Permit; after paying the fee... of course!

Generally a DMV sample test is provided in your local DMV handbook, or alternatively, you can purchase a series of practice DMV test questions online that are specifically tailored to your state.

Completing the behind the wheel training will then enable you to drive on the road under supervised conditions with a fully licensed driver.

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Rear crash avoidanceDriving Road Test
To apply for an intermediate drivers license test you must have held your Learners Permit for a minimum specified amount of time; on this occasion though, you will also need to pass the 'dreaded' - Driving Road Test!

Most students freak out at having their on-road driving ability scrutinized by a testing officer, but Calm Down and Relax, this is where you will find this site very helpful.

We have tested and reviewed many products that will reduce your anxiety and give you the confidence to pass your driving road test - First Time, and they Guarantee it!

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Plus, I review the very best Online Driver Education and Written Driving Test Courses around, so that you can learn from the professionals with the most reliable, accredited and award winning Online Drivers License Test Programs in the industry!

Driving Test - "Steering you in the right direction"

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